Mr. H. Mustafa, the Village District Sukareja Sukasari Subang District

At the age of 21 days of rice, a variety of information that I hear from some farmer groups that spread across the region and Krawang Bekasi outs and pests that attack sundep farmers have been very disturbing. I urge all farmers to use and try the efficacy of the 500 SL is a stuntman, as I have done with the application stage stunt rice dipesemaian 500 SL since the age of 10 days. Rice looks more clear and safe from pests and outs sundep. Results panenpun increased unusually. One hectare of rice harvested 11.5 tons of unhusked get picked. Rice that I got really amazing. Stuntman 500 SL Foreign biasaa ................! Similarly, responses other farmers who have tried to use a stuntman 500 SL. Stuntman 500 SL was a great help farmers.


Mr.Suparno, Cangkol Village, Sukoharjo, Central Java

Stuntman ..... incredible benefits, because the active ingredients 500 SL, while the other products on average 400-450 SL alone, In my area of rice plants approximately 30 days old was attacked by many pests SUNDEP & PLANTHOPPER.

I try to apply some of the land use Stuntman 500 SL and some other products use. The result of using the Stuntman 500 SL is much better, as it is more potent addition to controlling Sundep & aphis, Stuntman 500 SL Green also makes colors more sleek ... rice, so the farmer Sukoharjo satisfied stuntman 500 SL using the product.


Bpk Prasetyo Store Owner : "Prasetyo" Mulur Village, Sukoharjo - Central Java

In my area more than 1 year no insecticide products are sold except for Stuntman. Stuntman in demand for proven control Sundep and Emprit and make plants more Green.

Every day up to a radius of 15 KM from my place, the farmers come looking for Stuntman. Stuntman really brought luck for me, and also a source of pride for area farmers Sukoharjo. Stuntman is Great... Stuntman GREATTTTTT .....!!!