Compay Profile

PT RIA (Ria Indo Agri) is a formulator / manufacturer of agrochemicals in Indonesia who put professionalis, innovative, dynamic, and highly committed to comprehend and understand the needs of Indonesian farmers, therefore PT RIA (Ria Indo Agri) create and provide high quality and affordable products for agribusiness / agrochemicals (pesticides) / agricultural chemicals.

PT RIA (Ria Indo Agri) is a growing company that manufactures and distributes chemicals / pesticides for agriculture aimed at the needs of farmers and plantation communities in Indonesia. As the requests and demands are increase significantly and impact on the availability of high-quality food, then PT RIA (Ria Indo Agri) more committed, responsible, and continue to develop innovative products to meet quality and sufficient means of agriculture and plantation in Indonesia, particularly in providing high quality pesticides / agrochemicals needed by farmers to get good quality food.

PT RIA (Ria Indo Agri) is a company that also provides optimal service to demonstrate and assist the farmers of Indonesia. In addition have good and open relationship with all distributors across the islands of Indonesia, we also provide educational services, procedures for using the chemicals / pesticides in the right way and education to advance knowledge of the Indonesian farmers for the creation of an independent and prosperous farmer.

Principal's Message
Customer satisfaction is our goal, so it is our commitment to provide quality products and affordable price for the agricultural industry and plantations in Indonesia.

We will do our best to participate in helping to advance agriculture and plantation sectors in INDONESIA with Integrity, Commitment, Persistence work and Innovate.