"Saver Stronger Faster!"

Registration No: RI.3319/12-2008/T
Active Ingredients: paraquat dichloride 276 9/l (equivalent to 200 g paraquat ion/l)

BIGQUAT 276 SL puma is a contact herbicide to grow in the form of solution in the dark green water, to control common weeds in oil palm planting (TBM).

Excellence BIGQUAT 276 SL

  • Working as a powerful poison CONTACTS, FASTER control weeds so that its objective
  • CONTACT nature, that is just turning off the green parts of plants PERVASIVE FAST to the green plants and react when exposed to sunlight so it turned into a compound-FREE RADICALS
  • EFFECTIVE, can be used on wet climatic conditions and the rainy season, although rain fell 15 minutes after spraying
  • Saves time and labor so that MORE ECONOMICAL
  • Very FIT applied to the cultivation of TOT = ZERO SPORTS GROUND
  • SAFE for the ENVIRONMENT, does not cause soil erosion
Plant Target Weeds How the application and dosage recommendations Application time
Oil palm TBM Broadleaf weeds:
Borreria alata
Mikania micrantha
High Volume Spraying:
1,0 - 2,0 l/ha
Spray when weeds are actively growing. Spraying done in the morning, rain is not expected to fall 6 hours after spraying.
Oil palm TBM Narrow leaved weeds:
Ottochloa nodosa Paspalum conjugatum
High Volume Spraying:
1,0 - 2,0 l/ha

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TopUp 525 SL

Registration No: RI.01030120124260
Active Ingredients: Isopropilamina glifosat 525 g/l

Topup 525 SL is a full-grown herbicide systemic broad-spectrum-shaped yellow solution in water to control broadleaf weeds and narrow-leaved weeds in oil palm plantations (TBM).