Registration No: RI.3501/4-2009/T
Active Ingredients: Dimehipo 500g/L

And stomach poison insecticide-shaped box solution in the water dark brown to brown plant hopper pest control Nilaparvata lugens and stem borer Scirpophaga incertulas on rice plants.

Excellence of STUNTMAN 500SL

  • Active ingredient dimehypo higher (dimehypo 500gr/l) so that control pests faster, precise and powerful
  • Working as Poison Contacts, gastric and systemic
  • Ovicidal nature of the group of eggs HPBP, HPP, hopper and class Lepidoptera
  • In accordance with IPM methods SL, because SL is safe erhadap Stuntman 500 natural enemies, bees and fish
  • Non Carcinogenic Pesticide
Plant Target Pests How the application and dose or concentration formulations Time Use
Paddy Brown planthopper
Nilaparvata lugens
High volume spraying:
0,25 – 0,5 ml /l
If found an average of > 20 animals per family or 1 tails / buds
  Stem borer
Scirpophaga incertulas
High volume spraying:
0,75 – 1,5 l/ha
If the population or intensity of the attacks have reached the threshold of control according to local recommendations. If not clear contact the officer in charge of agriculture.
It is suitable for: Plant Watermelon, Green Beans, Palm Oil

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Registration No: RI.01010120124267
Active Ingredients: Profenofos 540 g/l + Sipermetrin 60 g/l

VIPER 600 EC is a contact and stomach poison insecticide-shaped brownish yellow solution can be emulsified with water to control pests Spodoptera exigua caterpillars grayak the onion crop.

Excellence of VIPER 600 EC

  • Easy to apply / can be mixed with other habits such as farmers
  • Working as a contact poison, stomach and systemic
  • Broad spectrum
  • Effective control of caterpillar pests in onion grayak
  • Effective at low doses
  • Economical for farmers


Registration No: RI.01010120144980
Active Ingredients: Abamektin 36 g/l + Imidakloprid 18 g/l

Doberman 54 EC is a contact and stomach poison insecticide in the form of concentrates that can be emulated brownish yellow to control pests Thrips parvispinus in pepper.

Excellence of DOBELMAN 54 EC

  • Has two active ingredients (Double)
  • High active ingredient (Abamectin 36 g/l)
  • Working as a contact poison, stomach, translaminar and systemic
  • Effective control of insects under leaf surface
  • Economical for farmers
Plant Target Pests Concentration Target Application Mode and Volume Spray Time Applications
Chili Thrips parvispinus 0,5 – 2 ml/lt
High volume spraying:
400 – 500 l air/ha
By the time or intensity of the pest population has reached the threshold recommended by local control. If the farm is not clear contact the authorized officer.