Tour With Stuntman

13 April 2013

White Crater Ciwidey - Strawberry Village - Cibaduyut

Enthusiastic farmers and stall in Karachi so spirits. Mingle with full of happiness and joy attend the "TOUR WITH stuntman" that PT Indo Agri Ria held at End of Month in January 2013.

Achievement of Target Kiosks are very proud of the 500 SL stuntman sales throughout karawang finally Tour West Java is running with a total of 3 Bus procession to Kawah Putih Ciwidey continue to Kampung Strawberry and final free shopping in Bandung Cibaduyut.

Kiosks and Farmers trust the products Stuntman 500 SL in Karawang is not in doubt. Achievement program is a stuntman TOUR with reality to be proud of. Stuntman 500 SL 500 SL is a proud Dimehipo farmers in particular and in general because of their ruggedness R1 eradicate sundep and outs.

Go Go Go Stuntman 500 SL ..... Farmers continued success and continued success Kiosk .....