Available Position

Support local workers (Urgent)
1. Mastering and understanding of agribusiness agriculture, especially in the field of pesticides / agrochemicals.
2. Mastering and has a broad network of areas to be defined, such as in West Java, Central Java and East Java.
3. Easy to approach and establish social relationships.
4. Have a minimum diploma D2 degree in agriculture.
5. Mastering computer programs such as: Microsoft World, Excel, and PowerPoint.
6. Accustomed to using good and fluent Indonesian language.
7. Polite and have well manners.
8. Having an optimistic and good personality.
Conditions: Having a personal two-wheeled vehicles.

Sales Executive (SE) Area West Java, Central Java, East Java, Lampung, South Sulawesi.
1. Male, S1 Manajement.
2. Having experience as an Agronomist / sales executive in the company of pesticides for 3 (three) years.
3. Having the ability to plan sales forecasting, knowing the behavior of stalls, farmers and able to manage a team.
4. Have the communication skills, and have a commitment to honesty.
5. Able to work under pressure, targets and be able to work individually and team.

Technical Staff
1. S1 graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture Department of Plant Pests and Diseases.
2. Have experience working in the Technical Department of Pesticide Industry for 1 year, to understand the technique experiment is the product, understand the pesticide products in circulation.
3. Ready to do a job traveling and business trip office in Cibubur.
4. Can work individually and team work spirit willing to learn with the open character of opinions and discussion.
5. Having good communication skills, persuasive communication and presentation techniques.

Applications addressed to: PT.RIA INDO AGRI Jl. Mercy KM 6 No.12 Wanaherang, Gunung Putri, Bogor 16965 or email to: elly.djanuarto@ria-indo.com